Introducing our refreshed approach to grant funding

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Introducing our refreshed approach to grant funding

Published: 31 January 2023
We’re clear on the lasting difference we want to make
Benefact Trust exists to make a positive and lasting difference to people's lives by funding, guiding, and celebrating the work of churches and Christian charities; empowering the most vulnerable and giving people, communities and places an opportunity to flourish.
During this time of crisis, we believe that this purpose has never been more important, and it’s essential that our approach to grant funding reflects what we hope to achieve. So, we’ve taken the decision to reshape our grant programmes, placing greater emphasis on the social impact we want to help facilitate.
It’s important to say that this new approach is more of an evolution than a revolution – we have always tried to fund projects that make a real difference to people’s lives, and we believe this new approach will really help our beneficiaries to address the social challenges they are facing today. And in making these changes, we have made it easier to understand what grants are available, and how to go about applying for funding.
Making a lasting impact on communities
The biggest change comes with the introduction of our Community Impact Grants programme, which goes to the very heart of our mission to fund work that will:

‘Equip and empower Christian organisations to have a positive and transformative impact on lives and communities.’
Of course, every community is different – each with their own unique characteristics and social challenges, but churches and Christian organisations throughout the UK and Ireland are doing incredible work tackling issues like poverty and homelessness, or helping people struggling with addiction, or loneliness, or with their mental health.
And at the same time, we want to help churches to grow their congregations and promote the Christian faith; from projects aimed at transforming the lives of young people to those that provide care for older people, the Community Impact Grants programme will help some of the most vulnerable and marginalised in our society to move forward in their lives, with hope in their hearts.
Our new-look grants programmes
Starting with the introduction of Community Impact Grants, funding will be available under the following programmes: 
A programme of funding aimed at supporting projects that directly address the social challenges faced by some of the most vulnerable communities in our society.
2. Building Improvement Grants 
For the essential repair and improvement of buildings (this programme will launch very soon).
Focused on the preservation of essential heritage skills and careers through apprenticeships, scholarships, and training courses.
For building projects that support Methodist churches in their mission and ministry, with a particular focus on church growth, community engagement and accessibility.
5. Crisis Response Grants 
Grants to charity partners who are responding to specific emergency situations at home and abroad (Grants are not open to applications).
Together we can do more amazing things
We have a vision of a society where every individual has the opportunity to flourish in a vibrant, thriving community. So, if you’re working on a project that you believe could have that kind of lasting impact on people’s lives, then please contact us – or if you’d like to know more, please read our helpful hints, tips and advice to help support your fundraising efforts.

Ready to apply?

Once you've identified which grant is right for you, taken a look at how to apply and formed a project plan, it's potentially time to start your funding journey
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